“Torture Butchery” Uncut on DVD/Blu-Ray

By | August 8, 2014

Hey guys.

Today sees the release of a film named “Torture Butchery”, in uncut form, on DVD and Blu-Ray.

This title had me slightly confused to begin with, but as it turns out it is a re-release of “Westbrick Murders” which was originally released back in 2010, now uncut. So if you’re a fan of ultra violence, this is a film for you. Inspired a lot by movies such as “Sin City” and “The Spirit”, this movie was written and directed by Shaun Rana.

“Torture Butchery” (a.k.a “Westbrick Murders”) stars Eric Roberts (“The Expendables”, “The Dark Knight”), Vernon Wells (“Commando”, “Mad Max”), Sami Darr, Daniell Edwards, Anna Bård, Melany Denise, Ian Burns, Erik Holmey, Dennis Haladyn, Maja Muhlack, yours truly Kim Sønderholm, and many, many others.

“Even the blood soaked rain can’t wash away the stink of this sinister city … when Billy and Barbara, two serial psychopaths, embark on a killing spree; the dark metropolis of Westbrick implodes with fear. At the same time a young rookie cop Matthew gets his first assignment and is teamed up with the gritty veteran William. Soon the pair crosses paths with Billy and Barbara and a vicious bullet-spraying battle ensues. In the clash, William is brutally murdered and Matthew is wrongfully blamed for his death by the cities devious bureaucrats.

Matthew soon discovers his life isn’t worth more than a grimy cockroach. In order to evoke his own personal style of Justice, Matthew goes on a rampage of vengeance that slowly turns him into a mad psychopath just like Billy and Barbara. Soon the city of Westbrick becomes a personal war zone of revenge and madness.

Click the DVD or Blu-Ray cover below to be taken to the appropriate salespage or click the picture of me with a gun to my head to see the IMDb page. Or, ofcourse, enjoy the trailer at the very bottom of the page.



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