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Short film extravaganza in Copenhagen

Hey everyone! This quick post just to let you know Copenhagen is buzzing with my short films this week 😉 No seriously.. On Wednesday, we have the honor and privelege of having “Harvest” warm up for a William Lustig double feature of “Maniac” and “Vigilante” organised by the Faces In The Dark Festival, starting at… Read More »

“Succubus” on Ekko’s Short List

Hey everybody This just a brief message to announce the fact that the Danish film magazine Ekko have accepted my short film “Succubus” onto their webbased short list that contains a lot of other great shortfilms aswell. Please see the film – it’s free, have no concerns – and rate it how you think it’s… Read More »

Article in “Kosmorama”

I did not see this article until this very minute, so my apologies for posting an article that is two weeks old, however I found it highly interesting which is why I decided to post it here. Well, that, and because I’m mentioned several places in the article ofcourse, haha. The article is written in… Read More »

Interview by Blood Moon Rising Magazine

Hey! The latest edition of the webbased magazine Blood Moon Rising features an interview with yours truly. The frontpage aswell shows a picture of the Succubus demon from Sinister Visions played by Kat Herlo with special effects make-up by Anders Lerche. This was published a couple of days ago, blame me for the late posting.… Read More »

Interview with SGM!

First post this year! Hey everyone, the guys are the UK Cultmovie website SexGoreMutants conducted an interview with me recently in connection with the release of Sinister Visions and so on, click the picture below to read – opens in a new window.