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Short film extravaganza in Copenhagen

Hey everyone! This quick post just to let you know Copenhagen is buzzing with my short films this week 😉 No seriously.. On Wednesday, we have the honor and privelege of having “Harvest” warm up for a William Lustig double feature of “Maniac” and “Vigilante” organised by the Faces In The Dark Festival, starting at… Read More »

United Colors of Denmark

Hey everyone. My good friend Asim Iqbal recently started a new project named United Colors of Denmark, which is a very interesting and intriguing idea. He invited me to take part and share a personal story which I glad accepted. I urge every citizen of Denmark to check out the project. Click the picture below… Read More »

“Best Actor” nomination for “Dirt”

Hey everyone. I just woke up this wonderful Monday morning, sun is shining and was informed I’ve been nominated for “Best Actor” for the short film “Dirt” I did a few years back. I was afraid nothing much more would come of this short film that I thoroughly enjoyed doing but I was proven wrong.… Read More »

Meet & Greet in Malmö

Hey everybody! This coming weekend there will be a meet and greet event during Sci-Fi World, The Scandinavian Sci-Fi, Game & Film Convention, in Malmö, Sweden, in connection with “Cannibal Fog” which is soon to be released. I, the director and a couple of other people from the cast will be present to shake hands,… Read More »

Having fun with the Kaufmans!

Hey everyone! Everyones favorite uncle Lloyd Kaufman of Troma fame is in Copenhagen in order to present a 35mm print of his cult masterpiece “Toxic Avenger” on Friday during the “Blodig Weekend” film festival. Having worked with Lloyd a couple of times I had the opportunity to spend a couple of days with the man… Read More »

Happy New Year 2014!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to check in and wish each and everyone of you a fantastic new year. 2014! Wow! What happened to 2013? Well I know what happened, to me it presented a lot of ups and downs. The ups were really good, the downs were really bad. But I will leave that… Read More »