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Article in “Kosmorama”

I did not see this article until this very minute, so my apologies for posting an article that is two weeks old, however I found it highly interesting which is why I decided to post it here. Well, that, and because I’m mentioned several places in the article ofcourse, haha. The article is written in… Read More »

“The Winedancers” Official Trailer!

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE! In the fall of 2013, the South of France paid host to the shooting of a new dark comedy/horror movie named “The Winedancers” – Written and directed by Gary Meyer while produced under the helm of Godam Film in France, the film is about a number of groups of people coming together… Read More »

“Sinister Visions” released in North America today!

Hey everybody! Sinister Visions is being released today on DVD in North America, so if you haven’t already pre-ordered your copy, please go ahead and place your order at one of the links at the bottom of the page. Until then enjoy this official trailer for the film: As you might notice, there are sales… Read More »

“Tour de Force” featured in “Extreme Action 8 Movie Collection”

Hey guys.. As just reported with “Bleed with me” in the “Extreme Horror 8” collection, my film “Tour de Force” that I directed and played the lead in a few years back, was re-released on DVD in North America as part of a independent action movie compilation along with 7 other films of the same… Read More »

“Sinister Visions” DVD available for pre-order in North America

Hey everybody. I’ve just been informed that the official DVD release date for Sinister Visions will be August 13 in North America. You can already at this early stage place your pre-orders from the links below. “Sure to be a cult classic” -//- Deadly Indie Drive-In “A Mindblowing collection of radical films” -//- Horrorsociety.com Thank… Read More »