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Podcast with UnitedFilm Magazine

Hey everyone! I just finished a podcast with the Czech website United Film about independent film making in Denmark! It’s in English so no worries! It turned out to be quite a fun and cozy experience, we could have gone on for a long time if we needed to. I had the chance to both… Read More »

“The Grey Gold” trailer now out!

Hey everyone! The Danish feel-good action comedy “The Grey Gold” (“Det grå guld” in original language), directed by Shaky Gonzalez, produced by Søren Juul Petersen at Zeitgeist and written by Jon Love and Jacob Weinreich opens in Danish cinemas during easter and the trailer has just been released. Three senior citizens played by legendary Danish… Read More »

“The Grey Gold” is coming soon!

Hey everyone! I just received an email courtesy of Nicolas Barbano, delivering one of nine official lobby pictures for “Det grå guld” (in English: “The Grey Gold”), directed by Shaky Gonzalez and produced by Zeitgeist. It is an action/comedy opening in Danish cinemas on March 28 2013. Here is Erik Holmey in the foreground with… Read More »