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Podcast with UnitedFilm Magazine

Hey everyone! I just finished a podcast with the Czech website United Film about independent film making in Denmark! It’s in English so no worries! It turned out to be quite a fun and cozy experience, we could have gone on for a long time if we needed to. I had the chance to both… Read More »

Article in “Kosmorama”

I did not see this article until this very minute, so my apologies for posting an article that is two weeks old, however I found it highly interesting which is why I decided to post it here. Well, that, and because I’m mentioned several places in the article ofcourse, haha. The article is written in… Read More »

Blockbuster Genres in Danish Independent Film

Hey. An article named “Blockbuster Genres in Danish Independent Film” was recently published in Akademisk Kvarter, mentioninig myself and some of the movies I produced independently. The date says fall 2013 but according to the writer it was only just published. I hope you find this interesting and enlightening. Click logo below for article, opens… Read More »