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iBleedIndie.com – New VOD Site!

Hello all! Just checking in quickly today to inform you all about a new Video-on-Demand website for Independent Horror just opened! It’s called I Bleed Indie and carries both some of my newer and older productions made available nicely and easily at very reasonable prices. Go directly to of my films via the link texts… Read More »

Article in “Kosmorama”

I did not see this article until this very minute, so my apologies for posting an article that is two weeks old, however I found it highly interesting which is why I decided to post it here. Well, that, and because I’m mentioned several places in the article ofcourse, haha. The article is written in… Read More »

Blockbuster Genres in Danish Independent Film

Hey. An article named “Blockbuster Genres in Danish Independent Film” was recently published in Akademisk Kvarter, mentioninig myself and some of the movies I produced independently. The date says fall 2013 but according to the writer it was only just published. I hope you find this interesting and enlightening. Click logo below for article, opens… Read More »