“Sinister Visions” at BUT Film Festival

By | August 11, 2014

Hey everybody

It is with joy I can tell you that BUT Film Festival in The Netherlands have chosen to include “Sinister Visions” in it’s entirety as part of the official selection for this years festival to be held on September 3-7 in Breda in The Netherlands.

BUT Film Festival have shown several films I’ve been in as an actor in the past, “Inside the Whore” and “Necronos” among others, but this is the first time a film I’ve had a huge hand in producing has been chosen for showing by them. They have also been so kind to extend a special invite for me which means a lot but unfortunately due to other work engagement I’m unable to go. I however have high hopes to be able to go next year instead.

To be honest I have never considered a horror anthology like “Sinister Visions” to be a festival piece but having been contacted by the people behind the festival specificly asking to show it because they had reviewed it and loved it, I changed my mind.

This ofcourse also means I’m very open to discuss the same with other film festivals in case of interest. Please contact me and we’ll take it from there.

Click the still picture below (It’s from the segment “A Woman Scorned“) to read more on the official BUT Film Festival homepage, check the trailer below or click the IMDb logo to read more about the film or finally, click the amazon.com logo to purchase the North American DVD release of the film, which was released last autumn.