In support of the Troma madmen..

By | August 29, 2015

Hey all..

Last year Troma god and indie guru (not to forget dirty uncle!) Lloyd Kaufman visited Copenhagen and I had the privilege of helping the man out doing some bonus material for the upcoming BluRay releases of Toxic Avenger 2+3, which was released a few months ago.

The Troma channel apparently was so pleased with the result that they decided to put it up on their YouTube channel and this is why I’m posting this, so you can see me in all my glory performing complete method acting for the gods in Troma 😉

Yes, yes…it was a lot of fun and should not be taken serious in any way, whatsoever! What IS genuine about this though is that we had one of the funniest days ever! 😀 So check out this mindblowing clip of me and Elias Eliot acting our hearts out (we’ll probably never work again after this..), while visiting Copenhagen and Elsingore with Lloyd and his amazing wife, Pat..

Now, if anyone told me ten years ago I’d one day be visiting Christiania with Lloyd Kaufman I’d probably call you insane…..but…..

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