Doing Motion-Capture for “Hitman 6”

By | June 27, 2015

Only a few weeks ago at E3, Danish gaming company IO Interactive announced the release of Hitman 6, this coming December. That’s great news for all gaming fans.

It was great news for me too, cause I got the chance to actually work on the game for a couple of days, doing motion capture for it. It’s a very different, and in the start quite odd, way of working and it wasn’t easy but it was great fun and quite challenging and definately something I’d like to do more of, if given the chance. I can’t say anything more at this point, but expect an awesome game in December. I know I will be checking it out! 😀

Below a picture of me and my collegue Heidi Keller in our marvellous suits 😉 Below that, check the announcement trailer for the game, it looks to be fantastic! 😀

hitman mo-cap