“Craig”, due to popular demand..

By | July 24, 2014

Hey everybody…

I hope you’re all enjoying the summer. Here in Denmark we’re in the middle of a heatwave that kind of splits the country in two; those who enjoy it and those who find it quite difficult to function due to the moist conditions.. Anyway, that’s not the point of this update.

Over the past months I’ve experienced an increased interest in my debut feature film as a director “Craig”, which was finished back in 2008. A typical question would be where to find the film. Well, ever since it’s release it’s been widely available in the DVD format all over the world, simply have a look at the various Amazon sales sites and you will find several different versions of it; a North American release, a German regions release (with German language dubbed) and a Scandinavian released (cover pictured below).

I’m assuming you mean “Where can I see your film FOR FREE”, right? Haha.. 😉

Well for a long, long time it’s also been available on the American NetFlix, but also for free streaming at Viewster.com, simply let the commercial run it’s course and there you go. And while you’re there, but be shy to give it a nice comment and/or rating, ok? No cost for you, everybody wins 🙂

Click the cover below to be transferred to Viewster, opens in a new window. You can also check the trailer first if you want or read more about the movie on the IMDb page.

Craig AWE cover


Have a great summer everybody! 🙂