“Cannibal Fog” Tour Memoirs

By | November 11, 2015

Our five day tour across Denmark and Germany to promote Cannibal Fog ended a few days ago. We had a lot of fun and I just wanted to share some of the fun times with you guys.

We started off on Wednesday November 4 in Copenhagen, Denmark where we had the Danish premiere of “Cannibal Fog” at Husets Biograf. Not quite as many as we had hoped attended but we still had a lot of fun. Following the screening we drove to Aarhus, Denmark – slept for a few hours and in the evening of Thursdag November 5 we screened the film in Aarhus at Slagtehal 3. There are a really big turnout and we had a really great time.
Following the Aarhus screening we had to leave around midnight in order to go to Oberhausen, Germany to be there when Weekend of Hell opened the doors at 10am. We were there for three days, and we had a great time. It was a privelege to meet so many old friends, to make so many new friends and to meet a lot of people whom we only knew via social media. It was rough, but it was all worth it.

I’ll share some pictures with you, and offer brief explanations. I apologize in advance for the poor quality of some of the pictures, but hey – I’ve posted them for the fun of it and that’s all 😉

CFTour1cphGustav Ljungdahl and I after the screening at Huset, Copenhagen

Aarhus Futuristic P-LotAarhus has some pretty futuristic parking lots – Before the second screening..

CFTour2aarhusJonas Wolcher and I on stage in Aarhus presenting the films at Slagtehal 3, Aarhus

CFTour3wohsignWOH day 1 – quite tired and beat

CFTour4bergmanWOH day 2 – having abit of a Bergman inspired moment!

CFTour4shakespeareWOH day 2 – a Bergman moment must be followed up by a Shakespeare moment!

WOH-MikaPlenty of opportunities to meet good friends, here with German actor Mika Metz

WOH-yan-kim-jonas..and to make new friends – here Jonas and I with actor Yan Birch..

CFTour5killersWOH day 3 – this day started out as what looks could be a bumpy ride…

WOH-MolochWe were slightly threathened by German actor Moloch..

WOH-promotingharvest..and this guy – who seemed to like ‘Harvest’ and ‘Sinister Visions’ nevertheless..

WOH-interestingpplMet some more interesting people..

CFTour5gunWOH day 3 – ..but in the end, ofcourse we prevailed!

WOH-thegangThe Cannibal Fog gang: Anders Hasselroth, Jonas Wolcher, yours truly and Gustav Ljungdahl

CF Copenhagen