“The Night Circus” Screening List

Hey everybody.. “The Night Circus” is a new shortfilm directed by Eskild Krogh and written by Mads Zaar Riisberg, that I took part in early this year. It is now ready for festivals and the first screenings have been announced. So if you’re planning to go to any of the festivals or events listed below,… Read More »

“Lucid” News & Festival Screenings

Hey everybody Short film “Lucid” that I did early 2015 is on Ekko Shortlist and needs your support to stay there. Please enter the link via the still picture below and use the 6-star system to vote what you think is fair 🙂 A man awakens and attempts to change the course of his life,… Read More »

“Run” Premiere and “Mango” Charity Event

Hello everyone! Phew, a lot of stuff happening these days, it’s hard for me to keep track, which ofcourse is a “problem” of luxury which I can do nothing but appreciate and cherish 😀 The Norwegian film “Run” which I did a little time back won an Award of Recognition at the Hollywood International Moving… Read More »

Visiting Weekend of Hell 2016

Hey everybody! Just wanted to throw it out there – but it’s finally official, I’ll be visiting Weekend of Hell in Oberhausen, Germany from November 4-6 again this year. Like last year (when we did the “Cannibal Fog Tour”) together with a handful of crazy Swedish people 😉 I hope to meet up with both… Read More »

Podcast with UnitedFilm Magazine

Hey everyone! I just finished a podcast with the Czech website United Film about independent film making in Denmark! It’s in English so no worries! It turned out to be quite a fun and cozy experience, we could have gone on for a long time if we needed to. I had the chance to both… Read More »

“Bad Karma Santa” Screenings

Hey guys! Well there is quite a few short films starring yours truly roaming the festivals around the world at this time, I love it. Latest, “Bad Karma Santa” that I wrote, directed and (apparently) being a sucker for attention I play the lead too, opposite the talented Angela Kim 😉 Anyway, check out this… Read More »

“In the Still of the Night” now online!

Hey guys! “I skovens dybe, stille ro” or “In the Still of the Night” as it is called in English is a Danish drama with a twist of comedy that I had the privilege of taking part of earlier this year. The film was directed under the Super8 flag by Edith Tvede Byg-Fabritius, written by… Read More »

“Finale” Information Made Official!

Hey guys. Many of you have been trying to probe me for information regarding the feature film “Finale” but I haven’t been allowed to say anything, which is obviously something I respect deeply. I still can’t say a lot but i CAN give you a link to the website and a bit of information from… Read More »

“Harvest” Tour Schedule 2015/2016

Hey everyone. It’s been nearly a year since “Harvest” premiered at CPH:PIX in Copenhagen and won its first award, and since then it’s been on tour in the whole world on festivals and conventions and it’s still going strong. I’m really happy to see the wide appeal this film has seemed to take. Festivals and… Read More »

“Daddys Girl” on Ekko’s Shortlist

Hey everybody, I hope you’re having a happy easter! 🙂 Just a quick note to let you know, “Daddys Girl” or “Fars pige” as it is called in Danish, today popped up on the Ekko Shortlist – I would be thrilled if you would all enter the page and give it your vote using the… Read More »